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Wind Turbines

Our Mission

Telling Clean Energy Stories

The clean energy transition in the United States and Europe has received a great deal of 
attention in American and European publications.

However, the exciting work of clean energy pioneers in South America and Africa has not received the level of attention that it deserves. This project began as a way to tell those stories, focusing on the exciting and challenging work being done by entrepreneurs, government agencies, non-profit organizations, educators, health workers, and consumers. 

Our Areas of Focus


Our focus on entrepernuership is meant to tell the stories of small companies having a big impact on renewable development. 


Impact investng and the transition of capital away from traditional energy sources is critical in the development of the green economy.


Government policy has played a critical move in the transition to clean energy in Europe, and these policies can create an outline for further development.

Global South

Despite growing populations and economies, the countries in South America, Africa, and SouthEast Asia receive little renewable investment and adoption.

Thank-You to Our Supporters

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